Mobile enhanced
Wound Management

Improve assessment and documentation to get more time for your patients.
+WoundDesk takes care of the rest.

Introducing +WoundDesk, the mobile solution for wound care

A complete mobile solution for professional wound management, that saves time, reduces errors and improves wound healing.

Health professionals are overflowed with red tape, which reduces the time spent with patients. They are looking for tools that enable them reduce the time spent on administrative tasks so they can focus more on patient care.

+WoundDesk is designed by doctors for health professionals to improve patient’s health.


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For Patients

The automated measurement of wound surface area and severity score enables a more effective analysis of the patients’ healing outcome and helps detect complications at early stage.
+WoundDesk helps patients achieve better health outcomes!

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For Wound Care Providers

A better wound assessment and documentation as well as the fast and effective access to medical information and patients wound records help monitor easily the healing process.
+WoundDesk is a decision-support system for a better management of chronic wounds!

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For Doctors & Specialists

The clear graphics help review easily and swiftly all wound reports carried out at home or in office; no more loss of time to consult unreadable or complicated documents.
+WoundDesk offers a communication and cooperation enhancement tool to all healthcare teams!

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For Decision-Makers in Health

The automated analysis of anonymised wound treatment data using +WD Analytics is a solution for evidence-based wound management, based on local and recent data.
+WoundDesk offers new opportunities for resource management and benchmarking!

How it works

+WoundDesk helps assess and document chronic wounds easily. Try now the device that enables you assess and document wounds in less than 5 minutes.

  • 1 Select your patient and review the health data
  • 2 Use semi-automated wound measurement
  • 3 Document easily your assessments
  • 4 Get detailed results on severity score and wound surface
  • 5 Enter quickly your treatment
+WoundDesk Mobile App
1 min.
3 min.

+WD Administration

Check patients wound records, review visits, change treatment plans and, if necessary, arrange consultations.

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Make informed Choices

Consult medical information, access patient’s wound records, assess wounds, document consultations and communicate with colleagues regardless of your location.

Evidence-based wound treatment, for all patients, at home, office, clinic, nursing home or hospital. Thanks to the severity score, you can assess wound severity and evolution in just a few clicks. The image processing technology allows fast and semi-automated wounds surface area measurement.

An accurate and reproducible measurement and the severity score enable you assess the healing process and help you early detect complications and retarded healing.

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+WD Health Analytics

Get real time data on wound care, better understand and optimize your wound treatment and the resource allocation. As a result, these data will enable your institutions to be more competitive.

High level Privacy & Security
for your Patients

Your data security is our number one priority.

Privacy of patient data is crucial. All your data transfers with us have the highest level of SSL/TLS bank-level encryption against malicious parties.
Access to your +WoundDesk account is secure, as well on the Web as on your phone to avoid patient data from falling into the wrong hands.

In case of loss the application turns off quickly and maximum possible safety is guaranteed as data are not saved on the phone, all data is erased once the sync is complete. Learn more about security at +WoundDesk.

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+WD Wound Report

Our Wound Report makes the collected wound data easy and quick to understand.
It’s available for all providers involved in wound care.


+WoundDesk is a mobile solution for professional wound assessment and documentation of wound care visits. The mobile solution contains:

- The +WD Mobile App for smartphones and tablets
- The +WD Administration for patient data review and management
- The +WD Wound Report to share your patient data with other involved providers
- The +WD Health Analytics Dashboard (currently in development)

Important: +WoundDesk is to be used by trained health professionals and does not replace medical consultations.
+WoundDesk is currently only available for Android-based devices built on Android OS 4.0 or later. An iOS version will be available shortly. Sign up for our iOS waitinglist and you will be informed when we're ready. Even without iOS app, you can already register for the free account and get familiar with +WoundDesk.
The +WD Mobile App is available for free on the Google Play Store.
+WoundDesk is available by registration and subscription only. To get started and discover all functionality, choose the free Basic subscription. It helps you familiarize with the solution and document the monitoring of 3 patients at once. It will just take you 2 minutes to complete the sign up. Go to:
The Basic account is free. A paid version with extended features and unlimited patients will be available soon.
The app is at the moment available in English, German and French. Other languages will follow.
All personal and patient information will be kept confidential and will not be sold to any third parties, nor will such information be added to bulk email lists. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy.
Security is one of our priorities. All data are transferred according to SSL/TLS security protocol to avoid malicious actions. Access to your +WoundDesk account is secure, on the Web as on your phone to avoid patient data from falling into the wrong hands. For more information, please refer to our privacy and security policy.
In case of loss or forgetfulness, the application turns off quickly and maximum possible safety is guaranteed as data are not saved on the phone. Please change, as soon as possible, your password under profile in your +WoundDesk Administration..
You can unsubscribe at any time. Go to the settings page in your +WD Admin and click the card „delete account“. On the following page you can cancel your account. Note: When you delete your account all your personal data will be deleted. This action cannot be undone.
In the free Basic version, the number of wound care records is limited to 3. A paid version with unlimited number of patients will be available soon.
You can export your consultation reports from +WD Administration in PDF format and save them to your electronic patients’ record. If you want to sync directly with your patient record, please [javascript protected email address].
By technical issues, please [javascript protected email address]. If the problem is urgent you can call us at business hours at: +41-52-212-8787
If you have forgotten your password, visit your +WD ADM and reset your password on the login page.
Yes, for security reasons all the data is not saved on your phone. To access your data, you have to sync them anytime you use the application using the internet connection of your phone or Wi-Fi.
For security reasons. If you let the telephone on a table or if you forget it somewhere, it’s important to secure your patient data. To do so the app auto-logout after 20 minutes inactivity. To continue use the app you have to login again.

Have more Questions? Our support team is there to help! Just [javascript protected email address].

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Even without iOS app, you can already register for the free account and get familiar with +WoundDesk.